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Swimming Paws Videos and Pictures

Swimming Paws members and their dogs having a great time, and what great exercise!

Swimming Paws - The Breeds That Swim and The Reasons to Swim


Linc, the Belgian Tervuren, and Lindsay

This three year old male dog swims to keep his hips and muscles strong. He hopes to return to the sport of agility.

Sami the Labradoodle

My fathers wonder dog, learning how to swim in my pool at home. Who's getting more exercise, me or her?

Casey, Dewey,Cricket

Three friends swimming together.

Adi the Malamute

Swims to stay healthy and burn off extra energy, that gets her in to trouble.

Sierra the Mastiff

Sierra is 9 years old and has arthritis. To keep her more mobile we swim her once a week. She is assisted by a life vest. She also wears an ear protector so she doesn't shake her head.

Satchel and Kaleigh, the Springer Spaniels

Swimming together as good house mates should.

Jewel the Boxer Mix

This very shy girl, has learned to swim like a pro. She love to swim for toys, and is very good at it!

Sophie the Party Poodle


Just learning to swim. She's a natural. This is the first time she jumps in on her own accord.

Rio and Houdini, the Whippets

Houdini helping Rio learn how to swim.  It's all fun at Swimming Paws!

Karen and Dakota, the Yellow Lab

Dakota swims for the fun of it. She loves her ball. She usually has lip stick on her head because her mom kisses he everyday.

Sophie, the Party Poodle

Sophie's first independent swim.

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