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Academy of Dog Training and Agility The Academy of Dog Training & Agility, Delaware
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Plan for Reopening

Please Read This Before Attending Our Classes

Plan for Reopening the Academy of Dog Training and Agility


1) Entering: Please stay in your car until an instructor comes out of the building to wave you in. NOTE: We usually encourage all family members to come to the Academy and be part of the training. We must, however, ask that only one person bring the dog unless not possible.


2) Keep 10-15ft away from all other clients. This can be difficult while juggling an exuberant dog. Please try to keep some treats in front of your dogs nose to keep them from pulling you into anothers’ path.


3) Mask will be required to be worn at all times.

During class you will have your own cubicle. Each cubicle will be set 10-15 feet apart. The instructors may come within 6 feet of your cubicle, with mask on to help you through an exercise. We have a big building and with your help we can keep a safe distance from each other.


4) We will be e-mailing you the homework instead of paper copies. If this is a problem please let me know ahead of time.


5) Exiting: As in the “entering” we need you to allow others to exit. All exiting will be in our center door. The door will be marked with exit signs. Please get in your car immediately. Do not linger in the parking lot because the next class will be waiting to come in.


Use the Google Map below to get driving directions from your location: 


Once on Albe Drive...

Satellite Image of the Academy on Albe Drive 

Look for our sign, on the left, at the 4th driveway, then turn into our parking lot