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Swimming Paws members and their dogs having a great time, and what great exercise!


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Swimming Paws

The Swimming Paws is Getting Dogs Wet

Taking Reservations, Call
302-588-POOL (302-588-7665)
Check out the latest reasons and videos why dogs enjoy Swimming Paws!

The Swimming Paws Canine Swim Club is getting many breeds into the water, helping the dogs with cardiovascular conditioning and even conditioning their coat and skin. 

Call 302-588-7665 or fill out our online Sigh Up Form to schedule a swim evaluation, and Carrie will help teach your dog how much fun swimming can be!  Click Here to see all the action, with some videos and photos!

Latest at the Academy

Inclement Weather Policy

Since winter is upon us and to alleviate any confusion, there will be no classes when the Christiana School district is closed due to inclement weather.

Our next session of classes will begin the week of April 28, 2014.

Nose Work Classes Start March 7th (Beginners) and March 4th (Advanced)

Fundamental Agility (6 Weeks) which begins March 13th, 2014

Canine Good Citizen Starts March 22nd with the class schedule as follows March 22 at 1-2 pm, March 29 at 1-2pm, April 5 at 7-8 pm, and the final class with test on April 12 at 1-2 pm

Our New Doggie Dance Class Starts March 22nd

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Our New Classes:

Doggie Dance Class

New Classes forming now for this fun and exciting sport. It is just basic obedience moves choreographed to music .The moves are taught using both shaping and luring.  The object is for the dog and handler to interpret the music in an athletic and artistic way. Each routine will demonstrate the joys and fun of bonding with your canine partner through motion and music.

Tricks Class, Next Session starts soon from 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

WHAT MAKES THIS CLASS UNIQUE? It’s a self-paced class. Pick from a menu of tricks. It’s a (4) week class. Work WITH a dog or WITHOUT. Great for those dogs that aren’t ready for the class setting, but love to learn at home. Positive training methods (like all our classes). Learn to shape, capture and target behaviors. Build better communication with your furry friend. Have loads of fun while enhancing your relationship.

Click here to learn more and to register!


Swimming Paws Club 2011

These photos were taken at the 1st Anniversary of the Swimming Paws Canine Swim Club!

Photography by Rogers George (a technical writing consultant who enjoys photography)






Swimming Paws Pictures

These pictures have been submitted by Swimming Paws Members

Charles and His Dogs Enjoying the Swim!

Charles and His Dog Swimming

Charles and his other dog with Carrie

Swimming Paws Oscar




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